4 thoughts on “Joe Demonstrates Reishi Mushroom Double-Extraction

    1. Thanks for your question! Reishi is good for supporting healthy immune and cardiovascular systems, among other things. It helps the body adapt to chronic stress. I find it helpful when you use along with reducing stresses on your body, like getting more sleep, eating healthy food, drinking less alcohol, etc… The reishi mushroom has been used for its medicinal benefits for thousands of years in China and it is very well tolerated by humans. Let me know if you have any more questions!


  1. Thank you for the video! It was awesome!
    How do we use this? Do we drink it as it is? Combine it with anything additional? Or maybe put it over oatmeal to swallow? How much per day?


    1. Thank you for your compliment and your question! Once it is in the labeled dropper bottle, you can put it under your tongue. I use a lot per day because I really enjoy using it. Everyone’s dose is different, but a good starting dose is one dropperful twice a day. If the taste is disagreeable, you can add to a beverage. The phytocompounds may come out of suspension when the alcohol is diluted so be sure to swirl your beverage before you drink the last sip.


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